When I was nine years old, I saw my friend’s name bounce around a computer screen as the result of a program his father had written in Amiga’s AMOS BASIC. At that moment I knew I would be a programmer, and I’ve been one ever since.

The following is a recreation of that program, written by GPT-4 from my description.

I ❤ building software. The people, the problems, the users, the business, the language, the learning, the methodology, the architecture. Legacy, greenfield. Cloud, on-prem. Tabs, spaces. I’ve built on, and deployed to, automation and lighting controllers, PLCs, embedded Linux, dance floors, app/web/database servers, package repositories, container orchestrations, CDN, mobile, and desktop.

Stafford is a seasoned polyglot programmer with 18 years of commercial experience and a self-taught background spanning another ten years. He specialises in enhancing developer experience, uplifting teams, and coaching product owners. Stafford serves as a trusted advisor to C-level stakeholders, promoting automation and quality. Stafford’s background as a cocktail bartender infuses his communication skills, facilitating effective collaboration within software projects and teams.

Programmer by night, also by day.



stafford@atqu.in (business inquiries)