I was going to add badges to Trend Bet on Tuesday, which would put it in a good position for me to move on to something else. However, I had an idea and spent the day building it anyway. The name is stupid, but hints at the functionality - it's a way to view current and past twitter trends, ranked in a similar fashion to reddit.

I went around building this one a little differently, using Nancy rather than ASP.NET MVC. I'm using angular, and Nancy's implementation of Razor. The requirement for razor is based solely on my desire to also use Microsoft Asp.Net Web Optimization. Later I'll look into how I can use that library without Razor - I'm not ready for the mission that is switching over to Gulp/Grunt yet.

Anyhow, I released an alpha version of the site here, and spent yesterday working on having Trend Bet track multiple regions rather than just Worldwide, which will also benefit Tweddit.