Last week in a rage regarding how shit my host is, I signed up to Amazon Web Services (AWS), found out how awesome Docker and moved the blog over to AWS. The blog now consists of three Docker containers; one for wordpress, one for MySql, and the last one which performs a backup of the MySql data to an S3 bucket.

This was relatively easy to setup, and made me think how awesome it would be to move the other sites over also, and starting with I began this. Unfortunately, .NET applications will only run in Docker if they target ASP.NET 5 (beta). Rather than be sensible and not attempt to develop against a framework that has not been officially released yet, I've decided to plunge headfirst into vNext and have since then received a considerable hiding from several technologies that are also in beta but are also required if I am to target ASP.NET 5 including;

Most of the journey so far has been spent ramming into brickwalls, but there's been a little bit of progress, notably that I have been able to get a base MVC project running on Docker, and Entity Framework migrations look as though they are working. Technically I should be able to bring all the MVC sites to Docker (running on linux!), the only piece that's missing is a MySql driver for Entity Framework 7 - until that exists I'll have to leave the databases on SQL Server which at this point don't have a docker solution.