I wrote a game and released it last week. My two brothers live in different countries and immediately a competition was spawned on the iOS leaderboards between us.

Play Honey Shot

At the time I had thought no one would ever score over 1500, however they did so, and recently one of them got over 1900. As such, I’m not sure what the score limit in the game is, but it’s very possibly over 2000. Anyway, the game at first seems a little luck based, and while there is defintely an RNG factor, most of it can be avoided with skillful play provided you know the techniques. I’m going to share the techniques here to give a boost to anyone who wants to come in and attempt to break that 1900 score.

First the basics;

  • The higher you get, the better the score.
  • Bees sting - touch them and its gameover.
  • Shields are a one-use bee disarm, saving you from an otherwise un-shielded gameover.
  • Grubs grab on to you, making you shoot and ascend slower.
  • Collecting honey allows you to purchase unlockable aesthetic items, however for the purposes of score, it allows you to buy continues at a price of 50, 150 and 300 (cap) per session.

Now the advanced stuff. After a while of playing the game you’d slowly discover/pick these up, but in the interest of a headstart, here we go;

  • You don’t have to shoot the platform immediately above. Sometimes it is more strategic to shoot for the second closest platform, when it can be reached.
  • Timing matters - shoot just before a bee begins to turn (but not too soon) as to give yourself the most amount of time on a bee-protected platform.
  • Positioning matters - align your shot on a platform such that a grub is moving away from where you will climb on, so as to not pick up the grub.
  • Wait for all-clear - If you are too close to the top, you won’t be able to see if a bee is near a platform. Wait for the screen to scroll down a bit before making the shot.
  • There are placements that occur where it’s impossible to pass without touching bees. These placements can only be passed if you are shielded. As such, save your shields for these otherwise impassable placements, or, use shields in less critical situations when you can see another shield pickup will soon be in reach.
  • If you are shielded and touch two bees in under 1 second, both will be disarmed before the shield is removed.
  • Bees that are scrolled to below the bottom of the screen, and are no longer visible, are removed. Use this when needed to pass tricky spots.
  • When shooting at a large angle towards a bee, it’s possible to swing below it. Although this takes a bit of practice this technique can be used to avoid a platform closely guarded by a bee.
  • An attached grub will fall off on the third platform you reach after picking it up. As such, no more than three grubs will ever be attached, however being slowed down by three grubs is very disadvantageous the higher you are. As such, when grubs are attached, don’t skip safe platforms and try not to pick up more.
  • Once you hit the session cap of 300 honey per continue you can keep purchasing them at that price, but it’s obviously very expensive. As such, the best technique on purchasing continues is to only do so when you’ve already reached a height that gives you a highscore chance with no deaths.

I’ll update this if I remember any I’ve forgotten - let me know if you discover any techniques yourself, and good luck to those that wanna try for that 1900+.