After a year of integrating with to host my devlog entries I’ve decided it’s more hassle than it’s worth. The benefits of micro blog was the ability to post outside my git environment and have posts auto-tweeted.

Integrating proved difficult due to issues with CORS. Recently a server upgrade conflicted with my Cloudflare proxy meaning I would need to disable the rpoxy for to reestablish an HTTPS certificate (this would also break the CORs issue), and then re-enable it.

I decided to reduce the dependency on and have migrated the devlog into a collection within my own jekyll-generated site. This gives me the opportunity to have further control over the content and structure, for example the devlog permalinks which are a Jekyll plugin i’ve written in ruby:

Jekyll::Hooks.register :devlog, :pre_render do |page|
    permalink = "devlog/#{["tags"].first}/#{["version"]}/"["permalink"] = permalink