Three years after my first attempt at building against the SpaceTraders API I’ve returned for another go, starting from the ground up. Where the last one was browser-based and mostly UI, for this approach I’ll be focussing on automation that is mostly server-based.

The stack so far is a node/typescript commander application with bullmq for job queueing, influxdb for time series persistence and grafana for visualisation. A winston and seq combo will handle logging concerns. redis is in there too, but only because bullmq needs it. All of this is shipped via containers so I can pull the result into my ubuntu server where it’ll run 24/7.

I’m calling a single SpaceTraders API endpoint so far and persisting the leaderboard to the timeseries database.

Screenshot of grafana dashboard displaying Most Credits

Similar to the last one, this one is also open source, and I blogged about getting started here.