Contracts have proved profitable enough to get me onto the leaderboard, though there’s still a few problems.


There were still a few routing issues that mean the ship was flying through areas with no fuel. I was able to pull the routing code from my earlier work for v1 and adapt it for v2 so the ship is now less likely to to navigate through areas without fuel. This still happens when there is no direct route however, and I still need to write code to buy fuel and store it in cargo to reduce the amount of legs the ship needs to drift

Additionally, there was at least one contract where the earnings were negative - for now I’ll just wear this cost but there could be opportunities to source the goods cheaper in other systems or via refining.

Now that contracting is working, I’ll need to start using the data collected from markets to increase profits by trading goods. I’ve built another Grafana dashboard to help monitor market goods and prices, and, I’ve implemented code to buy and navigate satellites to market waypoints to monitor prices.

market dashboard