I’ve written logic to automate negotiation of new contracts, but the first time this executed it resulted in a contract that required a resource that is not the result of mining. I’ll need to add further automation to cater for this case.

I have extracted the mining drone logic out such that a similar logic loop can be used with any ship:

  1. If in transit, wait for the ship to arrive
  2. Perform some action based on inspecting current state
  3. Repeat

The command ship now uses this same logic and additonally spawns additional actors, in this case the single mining drone. I’m logging a bunch more data, like credits and waypoint status and am now set to choose the next optimisation to apply.

credit charts

The mining drone logic is very slow as it uses the same ship to both extract and once the cargo hold is full, deliver the excess trade goods. I intend to add additional mining drones to the fleet, but before I do this I’ll add shuttle logic so the mining drones can focus on mining, while cheaper shuttles perform the delivery.