starting the emulator from command line

Emulator installs to local AppData:


List avds

emulator -list-avds

Warm boot

emulator -avd Pixel_3_API_30

Cold boot

emulator -avd Pixel_3_API_30 -no-snapshot-load

Clear data

emulator -avd Pixel_3_API_30 -wipe-data

signing and versioning iOS and Android apps

install emulator from command line

For generic skin emulator with default apis (without google apis):

  1. List All System Images Available for Download: sdkmanager --list | Select-String system-images

  2. Download Image: sdkmanager --install "system-images;android-29;default;x86"

  3. Create Emulator: echo "no" | avdmanager --verbose create avd --force --name "generic_10" --package "system-images;android-29;default;x86" --tag "default" --abi "x86"

    I recommend adding these lines to: ~/.android/avd/generic_10.avd/config.ini        # proper screen size for emulator
    hw.keyboard=yes            # enables keys from your laptop to be sent to the emulator
    If you cannot do this, you can still pass -skin 1080x1920 as an argument when starting the emulator. 
  4. Run Emulator: emulator @generic_10 &

More info

update emulator from commandline

λ sdkmanager --update

showing stories in the browser

Stories not appearing in the browser once the emulator has loaded? Do the following then reload:

adb reverse tcp:7007 tcp:7007

permission denied in adb shell

For example:

adb shell
ls /data/user/0/<your-app-id>/files
ls: /data/user/0/<your-app-id>/files: Permission denied

Instead do this:

adb shell "run-as <your-app-id> ls /data/user/0/<your-app-id>/files"

automate repetitive text entry

Use adb to automate repetitive text entry like login forms:

adb shell input text YOUR_EMAIL
adb shell input keyevent 61
adb shell input text YOUR_PASSWORD
adb shell input keyevent 66 

install apk

adb install myapp.apk


adb logcat Capacitor:V AndroidRuntime:E *:E

install certificate authority on android

  1. Download the certificate authority certificate: myCA.pem
  2. Settings > Security > Encryption and credentials > Install a certificate > CA certificate