graph explorer

open with a specific tenant

Add ? to the URL to open with a specific tenant, eg:

automate policy uploading

in a pipeline with ieftool:

locally with ieftool:

locally with powershell:

$tenant = ""

# Connect to graph
Connect-MgGraph -Tenant $tenant -Scopes "Policy.Read.All", "Policy.ReadWrite.TrustFramework" -NoWelcome

$files = @(
    , "B2C_1A_SIGNIN_SIGNOUT.xml"

# Upload files
foreach ($file in $files) {
    $policy = Get-Content -Path $file -Raw
    Write-Host "Uploading policy $policyPath, of length $($policy.Length) bytes"
    Invoke-MgGraphRequest -Method POST -Uri "" -Body $policy -ContentType "application/xml" -OutputFilePath out.xml

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