I was having an issue building pixi.js and found it wasn’t running postinstall and was instead failing with;

npm WARN lifecycle pixi.js-monorepo@~postinstall: cannot run in wd pixi.js-monorepo@ npm run bootstrap (wd=/pixi.js)

This was due to running as root (inside a container), and the fix was to;

npm install --unsafe-perm

vscode on osx can't find node

publishing npm packages to github

In your .npmrc;


In your package.json;

"publishConfig": {

More information

check updates for packages

npx npm-check-updates

local npm registry

Start verdaccio

docker run -it -p 4873:4873 verdaccio/verdaccio


npm login --registry http://localhost:4873 --auth-type=legacy

Publish a package (from that package’s directory)

npm publish --registry http://localhost:4873

Remove a package (from that package’s directory)

npm unpublish --registry http://localhost:4873 --force