SpaceTraders resets every ~2 weeks with all players required to re-register their agents and start from scratch. The end of reset 2024-04-09 saw my agent finish up just under 12 million which was enough to have it appear on the leaderboard, no where near the top as I continue to implement basic systems.

2024-04-09 Most Credits leaderboard
Screenshot from FloWi's Leaderboard app

Now that I am monitoring markets I’ve implemented trading where ships will attempt to buy low and sell high. This reset has lasted more than the expected couple of weeks however and other agents in my starter system have already contributed to market prices being less profitable.

The leader in most credits for the reset was whyando - Justin and they shared an excellent overview of their approach on discord.

most credits - reset 2024-04-09

Off the back of this I’ve started to explore the supply/demand mechanics myself and saw the price of EXPORT IRON drop as I supplied the same waypoint with its IMPORT IRON_ORE. I implemented surveyor logic to facilitate improved extraction, but noticed that the price and trade volumes change over time gradually so I’ll need to limit my logic for over-supply.

iron ore supply